Worship Ministry

What is the difference between worshiping and just attending the service?

The difference in worshiping and just attending begins with a realization that each component of the service is planned as worship. Consider these components and their meaning.

Planning the Worship Service 

Contrast of Style
What kind of music does God like? Some would say that He despises some of the new music and that He only hears hymns. Others would say that God likes upbeat new music as we express ourselves in new songs. Honestly, it seems to me that each individual thinks that God likes the styles of music that they do, and some are adamant about their preferences and they have God's endorsement to prove it.
Creating a new Paradigm
Village Bible Church is different than any other church. That is by design! We do not strive to be like other churches in worship nor feel a peer pressure to sing certain types of music. My chosen alternative is to create a whole new paradigm when it comes to public worship and particularly when it comes to music.
What are appropriate actions in worship?
There are models in the Book of Acts that give us some ideas of what happened in the meetings of the early church. But instruction is lacking in how we are to respond or act during the service. The tightrope of expression comes from the tension of two extremes of thought in worship philosophy.
What Is Contemporary Music?
Some understandings (or misunderstandings) of contemporary music are: 
  • A song "I like" that is not in the hymnal or not a known hymn.
  • Sometimes it means "with a guitar" or several other instruments.
  • Things heard on the radio or identified with certain artists.
  • Other genres that are upbeat and happy.
  • Ballads that start upbeat and tell a story but are not typically used in a worship setting.

The choir meets for at least an hour and a half each Wednesday evening and another 30 - 45 minutes before the service on Sunday mornings from September through May.
If you are interested in being a part of the Worship Team, please contact Pastor Levan, 501-922-0404.