Small Group

A Small Group is a "place to belong" that provides an intentional and regular gathering of 8 to 20 people with multiple purposes and benefits.

Small groups allow us to enhance our hands-on ministry of discipleship and caring to our church body. 

As our church grows, it becomes imperative that we provide avenues for fellowship, care, spiritual growth, service, and leadership development.

Some of the many values provided by participating in a Small Group are:

A place to build relationships and support  one another.

An opportunity for exploration of the Word of God with an emphasis upon application to daily living.

A community of individuals who are cared for and sharing with one another.

An opportunity for greater accountability if desired.

A setting where spiritual gifts may be discovered and developed.

A time to share deeper prayer requests with trusting friends.

How do I join a Small Group? 

Throughout the year, new small groups are being formed and you may join by marking your interest on the communication card in your bulletin or at the Church Welcome Center. 

Most small groups meet on the first and third Sundays of each month in the evening, in a home. Some groups meet at other times during the week and may even meet on a monthly or weekly basis. 
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