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Prayer Warrior Bootcamp 



pastor mark returns trailer 2018

Women's summer fellowship promo june 2018 


Women's retreat promo May 2018

No donkeys were harmed during the filming of this video. Special thanks to Loco Bonito Ranch! 

Farewell to Pastor Mark & Jane Cain 2018


FCA luncheon - sonic guys
promo 2018

ten years music video 

Happy 10th anniversary Pastor Levan:

Music © Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance. Words by local rock star, Glenn McCaleb.

Take a Hike Promo 2017

Christmas comfort promo 2017

Women's Ministry Event:


Ministry Fair - Sonic Guys Promo 2017

Ministry Fair Premiere:

Woodlawn Movie Night Promo 2017

Woodlawn Premiere:

Reflection In a Mirror Promo 2017

Winter Women's Event:

FCA Luncheon Promo 2017

Get in the Pool!:

star trek teaser -
Men's conference 2016

star trek promo - 
Men's conference 2016

War Room Movie Night Promo 2016

War Room Premiere:

Men's Conference Promo 2015

Red River:


Hiking Group Promo 2015

Take a Hike:


Easter Woodlands Promo 2015

Bring A Friend:


Men's Conference Promo 2014

Brave Men After God's Own Heart:

Mission Conference Promo 2014

Mission Possible:

Diaper Drive Promo 2014

KVBC Newsbreak - Diaper Drive:

Women's Christmas Program Promo 2013

A Glimpse of Christmas Around the World:

My Hope Program Promo 2013

KVBC Newsbreak - My Hope: