Women's retreat promo May 2018

No donkeys were harmed during the filming of this video. Special thanks to Loco Bonito Ranch! 

Farewell to Pastor Mark & Jane Cain 2018


FCA luncheon - sonic guys
promo 2018

ten years music video 

Happy 10th anniversary Pastor Levan:

Music © Bryan Adams & Jim Vallance. Words by local rock star, Glenn McCaleb.

Christmas comfort promo 2017

Women's Ministry Event:


Ministry Fair - Sonic Guys Promo 2017

Ministry Fair Premiere:

Woodlawn Movie Night Promo 2017

Woodlawn Premiere:

Reflection In a Mirror Promo 2017

Winter Women's Event:

FCA Luncheon Promo 2017

Get in the Pool!:

star trek teaser -
Men's conference 2016

star trek promo - 
Men's conference 2016

War Room Movie Night Promo 2016

War Room Premiere:

Men's Conference Promo 2015

Red River:


Hiking Group Promo 2015

Take a Hike:


Easter Woodlands Promo 2015

Bring A Friend:


Men's Conference Promo 2014

Brave Men After God's Own Heart:

Mission Conference Promo 2014

Mission Possible:

Diaper Drive Promo 2014

KVBC Newsbreak - Diaper Drive:

Women's Christmas Program Promo 2013

A Glimpse of Christmas Around the World:

My Hope Program Promo 2013

KVBC Newsbreak - My Hope: