Care Team


The care teams purpose is to communicate that your spiritual family cares, God cares and you are not walking this chapter alone. People caring for people is the theme of the VBC Care Ministry. The goal is to ensure that all those within the congregation are cared for in the event of a physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual crisis in their lives. This will include prayer and making contact. We are always looking for as many people as possible to be actively involved in this ministry.

Specific Responsibilities:

We visit people who are hospitalized, sick, shut-in and needy in our congregation.

Coordinate funeral preparation and give grief support.

Send flowers and cards, provide meals, transportation, communion and temporary domestic care when needed. 

Ministry Opportunities:

The Care Team is always looking for caring individuals to be a part of this ministry. If you would like more information or would like to be on the Care Team, please contact Pastor Levan.

What if I have a care need? 

The care ministry has been working hard to accommodate the needs of our congregation. One of the big questions is who do I call?

If you have an emergency during office hours, which are 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Thursday, call the office and the office staff will contact the person to respond. 501-922-0404

If it is after hours, please call Levan Hubbard at 501-353-3040. If he's out of town, there will be an announcement on the church answering machine as to who is available to take emergency calls. 

Should you need to contact someone during the weekend, Friday through Sunday, on-call personnel and their phone numbers will be on the answering machine at the church phone number, 501-922-0404.