International Missions

Dave & Jennifer Cox

Prayer Requests

1. They sense that Bucharest Christian Academy is moving into a new and exciting era. We picture it as a resurrection! Join with them in prayer, cheering for the school, as many of you have over the years. We're so eager to see what He'll do next!
2. Pray that they will listen well to the Lord and to each other and have His wisdom for all the challenges and opportunities that He leads us into.

Dave & Jennifer - ReachGlobal

Ministry to Least-Reached People
Dave is the city team leader for the ReachGlobal team in Bucharest. In addition to coaching team members, Dave does outreach to Muslim people in Bucharest and plans courses in disciple-making for Romanian believers.
Jennifer is the ReachGlobal Executive Area Leader for Europe. Jennifer coaches and supervises the area leaders in Europe who have city teams under them. She meets with the Europe Directional Team to form strategies for Gospel ministry throughout the continent.

Jeff & Tracy

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the many community members, visitors, and volunteers who will pass through their programs and ministry sites this year. Pray that they will deepen their understanding of God’s great heart for themselves as individuals, and be inspired to grow, serve and invest their many skills and passions for the sake of the Kingdom in Costa Rica and around the world.
2. Pray for all the ministry sites and the communities in which they work. Pray for the staff for their stamina and for all the mentoring and discipling they do daily.

Jeff & Tracey - Students International, Inc

Investing in Costa Rica Students
Jeff serves as the Director for Students International Costa Rica (SCIR) in San Jose, Costa Rica. Jeff is a native of Littleton, CO and started working with Students International full time in 2000 moving to Costa Rica in 2008. Along with the leadership team in Costa Rica Jeff oversees the staff team, does various administrative tasks, teaches in the semester programs and seeks to provide their staff with the resources they need to succeed.
Tracey serves on the SICR leadership team in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Tracey started working with Students International full time in 2008. Tracey is sharing the love of Jesus with ladies through weekly English classes and loving on the "Mommy and Me" girls. She also provides leadership and care for their staff in Costa Rica and teaches in the semester programs.

Zack & Emilee Drake

Prayer Requests

1. Give thanks that one of the students, a Christian, has begun to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with other students on campus.
2. Pray that this ministry will flourish as they seek to spread the Good News of the Gospel one student at a time.
3. Pray for students coming in this Fall and Spring that God will prepare their hearts to hear and receive the Gospel.

Zach & Emilee - East Asia - CRU

Reaching the world through college students
Zack and Emilee live in East Asia and work with CRU. They are committed to sharing the gospel and making disciples with college sutdents. They are praying to send out East Asian students as lifelong laborers to reach the world.
"God has been at work in the lives of college students in our city this year. We are so thankful to be used by God to reach the nations. Our end goal is not only to reach students in our city, but to send students out to the whole world as life-long laborers for God. We believe God will use East Asia to help finish the Great Commission. We see our role is to equip students to reach their peers and classmates. We want to be a student-led movement. Currently, we have five students who are sharing the Gospel on their campus. They meet weekly to plan and pray for their campus as well. This summer, we were able to send one of these student leaders to another country in Asia that is 99% Muslim. They will be there sharing the Gospel with college students in that country. We can't wait to see how God uses this trip for students in that country. We believe God will bless the world through the students we reach in our city."

Mike & Loralee Hill

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for Loralee's complete recovery following her total knee replacement surgery.
2. Pray for Mike as he recovers from back surgery. Pray that he will recover quickly and be comfortable to resume his teaching position.
3. Pray for the entire student body that they will grow spiritually during this school year, and that they will become faithful, globally-minded Kingdom workers.

Mike & Loralee - ReachGlobal

Teaching and mentoring in a Christian setting
Mike is teaching Performing Arts at Black Forest Academy and providing an environment in which students can be educated in the context of Christian education. Loralee serves as Senior Advisor.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for Jamal as he will be coming to the USA in 2019 to share news about the work he is doing with Hands of Help and to raise funds for the many projects they are running to help the refugees.

Jamal & Merna - Hands of Help

Helping Refuges in the Middle East
Jamal is the founder and director of Hands of Help - a non-government organization, serving the needs of people in the Middle East.  He is serving hundereds of refuges by providing vocational training and aid.

James & Julie Lauderdale

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for James and Julie as they serve as leaders for a truly international small group in their church. They are the only Americans. Pray that they will bond together around their shared faith in Christ in spite of their many cultural differences.
2. Pray for James as he begins a new position of working with evangelical leaders from Central and Eastern Europe who have taken part in a sabbatical-type program on the campus of Wheaton College. Pray for him as he determines how to follow up with them and become a part of their lives.

James & Julie - ReachGlobal

Multiplying transformational churches among all people
James works to come alongside the movement leaders in Europe and he also serves as Ministry Coordinator at Danube International Church. Julie is moving from her position of Middle School Principal to being an area leader of city teams for Reach Global.
James and Julie serve with Reach Global Europe. James serves on the Strategic Partnering Team, with his time split between working with Danube International Church and with connecting resourcing evangelical leaders with many of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Julie currently serves as the Middle School Principal at the International Christian School of Budapest. In her new role she will give direction and leadership to the ministry leaders of 6-8 city ministries with Reach Global in Europe.

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Prayer Requests

1. Dale is thankful that their prayer for a future leader who could focus on the Japanese Department for the Tokyo Multicultural Church has been answered in the person of Moto. He has returned after being away from Japan for many years and he is helping to launch the Japanese language worship service.
2. Pray with Dale and Ann that the Tokyo Multicultural Church  members and attenders will increase their patterns of giving so that they will be able to subsidize Moto with the hope of eventually covering his living expenses.

Dale & Ann - ReachGlobal

Modeling and encouraging both Church Planting and Theological Education in Japan
Dale and Ann's primary ministry is leading and establishing the church planting project in the Tokyo Multicultural Church, located in central Tokyo. Dale also teaches Theology (in Japanese) at Japan Bible Seminary and is the Asia Director/Facilitator of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission.
They have served in Japan since 1984, living in Nagayo (8 years), Sendai (1 year), and Tokyo (15 years). They were with Reach Global America for 20 years. For the last 10 years they have served with Evangelical Free Church of Canada Mission. Their primary purpose is church planting.

Reuben & Graceila Matos

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for the monthly support and God’s direction for our national missionary team composed of 10 married couples and 12 singles.
2. Pray for God’s provision to accomplish the “Peru Camp Project 2020”. This includes several building projects that will allow them to host 450 campers per week and finish the basic structure we need for a full used of camp.
3. Pray for physical and spiritual strength as they reach the youth with the Gospel!

Ruben & Garceila - Word of Life

Direction and overseeing the ministry and operations of Word of Life in Peru.
Ruben is the field director of the ministry of Word of Life in Peru which includes leading and training the 30 missionaries who are working on the team and overseeing the Camping Ministry and Discipleship Training Program while encouraging and working alongside 50 churches in Peru

Lisa Meyers

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for a healthy new start in the Local Church there as the Pastor will not be returning and this will be a new beginning for the Church and for Lisa personally.
2. Pray for wisdom as Lisa deals with conflict on the Austrian field with some co-workers.  Pray for God's solution to the situation.

Lisa - Greater Europe Mission

Serving God in Austria Through Music
God called me out of my marketing communications background in Texas and sent me to minister to the Austrian church in 1992. I came as a discipler. And still am! It just looks different than I thought it would. I work with lots of teams: worship teams; music teams; women's committees. And as an encourager, I "fan into flame" the gifts of other believers. The Austrians are incredibly gifted. They just need encouragement and someone to walk with them for awhile. It's a privilege to accompany them along the journey.