Easter Art Exhibit

Thank you for your interest in being part of the Village Bible Church Easter Art Exhibit! Our theme is "RISEN".

The deadline to register is April 8th - please use the online form (below) or there are registration forms at the Village Bible Church Welcome Center

The date to deliver your art to Village Bible Church is April 11th between 10 AM and 2 PM. If you need to make other arrangements contact Susie Masters, 318-458-7258

Please label your artwork with your name and phone number 

All mediums of artwork will be accepted:
paintings, drawings, mixed media, sculpture, ceramics, photography, mosaic, etc. 

Contact Susie Masters, , with any questions!

Easter Art Exhibit Registration Form
Easter Art Exhibit Registration Form

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What is the name or title of your piece of art?

What material(s) were used to create this piece of art?

Please provide the approximate size (inches/feet) of your finished piece.

If applicable, specify any display information for your piece (hanging, flat table, extra heavy piece, any other needs or important details)

*Important* Please, describe how your artwork represents the theme "Risen" or other events of Holy Week.

Consent to Move, Display & Share My Artwork*